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Screen Printing Tips From ScreenStretch Clients

Posted on: 12/6/18

At ScreenStretch, we love seeing the end results that our many satisfied clients enjoy when using our products. As well as seeing some of the excellent finished designs, we like to see and share the process. Screen printing is accessible, affordable, and offers a creative outlet. It brings communities together, while enabling people of all […]

See What Talented ScreenStretch Customers Are Doing With Our Products

Posted on: 12/6/18

We don’t mind saying that our customers and clients are a genuinely talented bunch. We provide the equipment, and you come up with some of the best looking, highly decorative, and often functional items. Customers print on everything from poster paper to cushion covers and everything in between. We also have customers that run regular […]

Artists Who Use Screen Printing

Posted on: 09/25/18

Screen printing is used for many different purposes. It provides a simple and convenient means of printing designs and logos on t-shirts and other products, but it is also an effective method of displaying art. If you’re looking for inspiration, there have been a number of high profile artists that have used this technique to […]

What Is Screen Printing Used For?

Posted on: 09/25/18

Screen printing, also known as silk screen printing or serigraphy, is a cost effective alternative to digital and other analogue printing methods. Ink is applied through a mesh and onto a flat surface. A blocking stencil is used to prevent ink from getting through areas of the mesh, producing the design that you are looking […]

What Do I Need For Screen Printing?

Posted on: 09/25/18

Screen printing can seem intimidating at first but, in reality, it is a relatively simple, albeit manual, way to print custom designs and artwork on a selection of products ranging from clothing to canvas and from bed linen to shopping bags. Whether you are looking to screen print as a hobby or are setting up […]

How To Make Stencils For Screen Printing

Posted on: 09/25/18

For the best looking screen prints, we always advise that you print your design, in black ink, on transparency paper, and use photo-emulsion or light sensitive emulsion. However, this is only one way that you can create an effective stencil for use in silk screen printing. Effectively, the stencil determines exactly where ink should get […]

How To Make Money Screen Printing

Posted on: 09/25/18

Screen printing, also known as silk screen printing or serigraphic printing, makes it possible for you to print your own designs on items ranging from t shirts and tote bags to duvets and posters. It was first used as a printing technique more than 1,000 years ago and gained popularity as an artform in the […]

How To Make A Screen Printing Frame

Posted on: 09/25/18

Screen printing is an affordable and customisable method of printing custom designs on fabric, paper, and other flat items. It can be done at home, and it can be used to print short to medium sized print runs. There’s no need for expensive digital printers and, as well as being able to buy screens and […]

How To Do Screen Printing At Home

Posted on: 09/25/18

Screen printing offers an affordable and enjoyable means of printing your own designs on items like clothing, bed linen, promotional goods, and more. Despite being quite a manual process, it is also relatively simple, especially once you get the hang of it. When starting out, you can begin with a basic process and basic materials, […]

Learn How To Screen Print

Posted on: 07/31/15

Screen printing is coming back in with a bang and we have decided to teach you how to start screen printing! Screen printing is so much fun, creative and artistic and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do. This guide will include everything you will need to start your screen printing […]


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