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Rotary Screen Printing Chemicals

Range of products exclusively used in rotary screen printing. Mesh adhesives, screen cleaning solutions, photo emulsions, decoating, ghost image removers, end ring removers plus ancilliary products.

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ARCABOND R900 H Endring Adhesive

Two-component epoxy adhesive, endring adhesive

ARCABOND R 900 H endring adhesive is used for bonding metal, ceramic, plastics, wood, glass, etc.

Due to its high chemical resistance and excellent bonding properties, ARCABOND R 900 H is highly suitable in textile screen printing for bonding metal or plastic endrings to nickel rotary screens.

ARCABOND R 900 H can be cured with heat and at room temperature with virtually no shrinkage.

The bond has high static and dynamic resistance values.


Technical Information

Size: 1kg

Price: £0.00

ARCACLEAN NOVO Cleaning and Degreasing Concentrate

Cleaning and degreasing concentrate (1:4) for nickel rotary screens

ARCACLEAN NOVO is a highly efficient, moderately foaming cleaning concentrate for perforated nickel rotary screens.

It is used as immersion degreaser and cleaner, reduced with water in a ratio 1:4.

Coatings on rotary screens which were cleaned with ARCACLEAN NOVO show excellent flow properties and good adhesion of the photoemulsion.

The use of ARCACLEAN NOVO is especially advisable when working with Diazo-sensitized rotary photoemulsions, laser lacquers and one-component rotary photoemulsions.

ARCACLEAN NOVO solutions are biologically degradable.

Technical Information

Size: 25 Ltr


Price: £0.00


Hardener for the two-component epoxy adhesive ARCABOND R 900 H

ARCADUR R 900 H is the hardener for the solvent-free epoxy adhesive ARCABOND R 900 H.

Details on application can be drawn from the Technical Information of the adhesive

Technical Information

Size: 700gm


Price: £0.00

AZOCOL Poly Plus RS (Rotary Screen) Stencil Emulsion

Solvent and water resistant, Diazo-UV-polymer photoemulsion

AZOCOL POLY-PLUS RS is used for the production of high-quality, solvent and water resistant stencils.

Especially suitable for the coating of nickel screens and rotary printing cylinders. Very high solids content, excellent copying properties and easily decoatable.

Technical Information

Size: 900gm

Price: £63.09

PREGASOL CF20 Screen Decoating Concentrate (1:20)

Screen decoating concentrate (1:20)

PREGASOL CF 20 screen decoating concentrate is a highly concentrated, liquid screen decoating solution which is used in a dilution of 1:20 with water.

The high dilution possibility is especially suitable for use in automatic screen decoating units.

PREGASOL CF 20 solutions are colour- and odourless, free from chlorine, do not  damage the mesh and do not bleach. A milkiness which often occurs when diluting with calciferous  water - especially with products in powder form - does not appear.

Suitable for all direct photoemulsions and and films (not for indirect films).

Technical Information

Size: 5.0 Ltr

Price: £159.47


Alkaline activator and screen cleaner based on biodegradable solvents

PREGAN MEGACLEAN X-TRA is a viscous, solvent based, alkaline screen cleaner for the removal of ink ghost images after screen decoating.

In combination with ghost image removers (e.g. PREGAN ANTIGHOST) it can also be used as an activator for the removal of emulsion residue and Diazo veils.

PREGAN MEGACLEAN X-TRA has a high flash point and is almost odour free.

The high viscosity allows application by using a coating trough or brush. In usual working dilution, the cleaner/ water mixtures can be emptied into adapted biological sewage plants.

Technical Information

Size: 5 kg

Price: £108.76

PREGAN A8 RS Screen Cleaning and Degreasing Concentrate

Screen cleaning and degreasing concentrate (1:4) for nickel rotary screens

PREGAN A 8 RS is a highly efficient, slightly foaming screen cleaning concentrate (1:4) for perforated nickel screens.

It is used as immersion degreaser and cleaner and can also be applied by brush as a manual degreaser.

It prevents pinholes and surface deterioration when coating with direct photoemulsions.

PREGAN A 8 RS solutions are biodegradable.

Size: 5ltr


Price: £0.00

PREGAN E Endring Remover

Endring Remover

PREGAN E is used for the removing and cleaning of endrings from rotary screens.

It is an aggressive solvent mixture.

Adhesives on basis of epoxy, polyurethane or polyester such as e.g. ARCABOND R 900 H are attacked by PREGAN E and softened by swelling so that the endrings can be easily removed from the rotary screen. The nickel screen will not be attacked.

Technical Information

Size:  25 Ltr


Price: £0.00


Retouch lacquer and screenfiller for water and solvent based inks. Decoatable.

KIWOFILLER SWR 22 is a highly resistant, water reducible, one-component lacquer for all retouch and repair work of stencils.

KIWOFILLER SWR 22 is also well suited for blocking-out.

Technical Information

Size: 2.0 kg

Price: £59.81

PREGAN NT PASTE Screen Cleaning Paste (Ecoline)

Alkaline screen cleaning paste made of renewable raw materials

PREGAN NT-PASTE is used to clean and degrease screen meshes and metal surfaces in the engraving plant.

In combination with solvent based activators as e.g. PREGAN COMBI-CLEAN or PREGAN UNI GEL it is used for the removal of ink or emulsion residue after decoating.

In addition to the effect of alkaline solutions which reduce natural fats, PREGAN NT-PASTE also emulsifies synthetic fats, mineral oils and other contamination.

In one broad effect, all practical aspects of cleaning and degreasing arecovered. PREGAN NT-PASTE can also be used as a roughening agent for aluminium frames.

All ingredients (except alkaline components) are made of renewable raw materials and are therefore biodegradable.

5 kg

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