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Posted on: 09/25/18

How To Make Money Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screen printing or serigraphic printing, makes it possible for you to print your own designs on items ranging from t shirts and tote bags to duvets and posters. It was first used as a printing technique more than 1,000 years ago and gained popularity as an artform in the 1960s.

It is easy and convenient, and it can be a more affordable and convenient alternative to techniques like digital printing. Once you have the basic equipment, you can even start selling your own designs, or creating custom prints using your client’s own designs. It is possible to turn your screen printing hobby into a viable and profitable business idea.

Screen printing can be done from home, although it will take a lot of room because you will need dark areas and light areas, as well as areas for the clothing or other materials to dry once printed. If you offer multicoloured prints, and use a screen printing machine, this will take up additional room as well.

You can set up a printing business from scratch or offer screen printing to existing clients. You can even use it as a means of selling your designs and artwork.

Sell Your Artwork

If you are an artist or designer, you want to find the best possible way to display your work. One of the benefits of screen printing is that it enables you to print directly onto a range of different items. You can print your work on t shirts, bed linen, wall canvases, or even on skateboards. Choose the medium that best suits the style of your art.

A lot of artists successfully use screen printing to recreate their artwork. If you have a gallery or shop where you sell your work, you can add printed t shirts and other printed items to the products that you sell. Because you are effectively selling your art, it means that you can place a higher markup on the products than you would on custom printed t shirts.

Sell Custom Clothing

There are several ways to print designs on t shirts, including screen printing. Silk screen is an affordable method of printing clothing, and it means that you can print 20 or 30 t shirts, typically using the same screens, reducing the cost to print for each garment. You can print slogans, emblems, designs, and other custom work. You can also sell your designs online, or in your own shop.

You will need to ensure that you can offer the clothing at competitive prices, but you aren’t limited to printing t shirts because you can screen print on almost any item from duvet covers to cushion covers.

Selling custom clothing also enables you to sell your own designs or offer your customers the opportunity to create their own designs while you print high quality garments.

Diversify An Existing Business

If you already have a brand with an existing following, you can diversify your products and service offerings by incorporating custom printed products into your service. If you run a local bar, and you get a lot of customers, you can try selling t shirts or shirts with your own designs on them.

Offer Business Branding And Promotions

Alternatively, you can offer screen printing as a service. Let customers send their designs to you, customise them so that they are suitable for printing in this way, and then print and deliver the chosen goods to the client.

A lot of businesses use branded clothing and branded items to help promote their brand. Branded t shirts can be worn for exhibitions and seminars, or they can be worn for any corporate event. Some shops and businesses require that their staff wear branded clothing while at work, but do not have the capability, the room, or the resources to print their own clothing, and you can use this opportunity to establish a profitable printing business that fulfils these orders.

However, you make money from screen printing, there are ways that you can improve your profit potential. Typically, this means reducing costs and increasing sale prices, and there are many ways to achieve these results, but below are some of the most common and most effective, that are specific to a screen printing business.

Ensure Designs Are Easily Printable

Highly intricate designs are difficult to print. Thin lines and small gaps between print areas are more likely to lead to mistakes and errors. If you print in multiple colours, it requires frequent changing of screens, which means extra time added to the printing process.

This time costs money, and it means that you won’t be able to work on new customers or additional orders. Work with the client, explain that complex designs are not possible with screen printing, and customise their design so that it is easier and less expensive to print.

Save And Reuse Your Artwork

Consider splitting a design down into two or more screens if certain elements of the design will be reused later. For example, if you are printing custom clothing for a business that wants multiple designs, but all will include the company logo, using a separate screen for the logo will enable you to print this on all designs.

If the customer uses your services again at a later date, there is a good chance they will want the same element added to future designs as well. This isn’t always viable, though, because the brand logo might need to be a different size on different designs.

Treat Screens Better

Use good quality frames and reuse them as often as possible. The better you treat your screens, the better they will treat you. Clean them immediately after use, because this will help prevent the ink from drying in place. Use aluminium frames instead of wood frames, because these retain their shape and will last a lot longer than wooden frames.

Try To Concentrate On A Single Niche

It is tempting, especially when starting a new business, to try and offer everything to everybody. You don’t want to limit your possibilities to make money and generate business, but it can prove beneficial and more profitable to concentrate on a single niche. Offer baby portraits printed on t shirts or even on baby grows. This will make marketing and promotions a lot easier, and when it comes to word of mouth marketing, you will benefit too. You can always expand to include additional niches in the future.

Buy Screen Printing Supplies From Screenstretch

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