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Posted on: 12/6/18

See What Talented ScreenStretch Customers Are Doing With Our Products

We don’t mind saying that our customers and clients are a genuinely talented bunch. We provide the equipment, and you come up with some of the best looking, highly decorative, and often functional items. Customers print on everything from poster paper to cushion covers and everything in between. We also have customers that run regular workshops and training courses, getting children and adults from around the world involved in the creative and potentially profitable screen printing process.

Follow us on Instagram @screenstretch, where we regularly repost customer work and client videos. Pick up tips, get ideas to spark your own creativity, and see how our products help customers achieve the best results. Below, we’ve highlighted some recent posts to give you an idea of how people are benefiting from our frames, inks, emulsion, and other screen printing products. If you think we’ve missed you out, tag us in your Instagram posts or email and let us know.

Clothes Printing

Screen printing on t shirts is cost effective and most people agree that the ability of the ink to bond to the fabric during the silk-screening process, gives a better quality finish than with digital printing and other printing techniques. While screen printing can be used on almost any surface, even if it isn’t quite flat, it is now most commonly used for printing t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items of clothing, and it is possible to create unique and highly attractive designs.

@cthefox500 uses screen printing to create beautiful looking t shirts and other clothing. She uses three and four colour prints and manages to recreate oil prints, as well as other designs, on the fabric.

Textile And Fabric Printing

Clothing isn’t the only form of fabric on which screen prints can be used. While a lot of us start with small screens, it is possible to use screen printing to create large and highly effective prints on a host of materials.

@laurafelicity specialises in unique wallpaper designs, showing that the technique is ideal for use on items larger than just t-shirts. Laura also uses the same techniques for producing roller blinds and other textiles.


Screen printing can effectively be used on clothing, wallpaper, and other interior design items like roller blinds. It is also perfect for use on textiles like cushion covers. The ink binds to the fabric, so it will last for many years once it has cured properly.

This Banksy style design from @georgieartist is a 3 colour print and while it is relatively simple in its form, it is highly effective. Check out this and Georgie’s other excellent street art on her Instagram page.


The screen printing technique has been used for thousands of years, since its first use in ancient China, and it rose to prominence as a technique for producing artistic prints in the 1960s, with the rise of pop art, driven by artists like Andy Warhol. Screen prints can last for many years, especially if you choose high quality inks and ensure that you have mastered the process.

@lucybensondesigns’ geometric designs, many of which are based on images of urban architecture and design. These designs work perfectly for screen printing because they are relatively simple and only utilise a small range of colours, while being highly effective.

@jasonsimpsonart is an artist and sculptor who not only creates great looking screen prints but also shares details on the products he uses. If you’re looking for inspiration on the best type of ink or the best emulsion to use, he is definitely worth following.


Serigraphy can look challenging at first glance, and reading about the curing, drying, cleaning, and re-covering process often only serves to heighten the confusion. However, once you get your hands dirty and create your first prints, it becomes a lot simpler to understand.

If you’re unsure about spending money buying all the equipment, you can attend beginner and more advanced courses; courses run by professional groups like @leedsprintworkshop – they offer courses that specialise in screen printing on paper, as well as courses for screen printing on textile and fabrics.

One69a not only offers educational courses, but also live screen printing exhibitions. They recently put on a live screen printing session for the opening of the Manchester Science Festival and can be seen putting on live shows of how the screen printing process works.

Artist-Led Sales

Screen printing is not only a functional method of adding designs to paper and fabrics, it is also an artform in itself. Not all artists have access to screen printing equipment, however, and even fewer have the sales channels to help them sell their work. Not only do artist led workshops and exhibitions help talented artists get exposure for their work, they offer excellent opportunity for art and design lovers to find attractive prints and printed products.

@royspeopleartfair is an artist run art fair, based in London, selling a host of artwork and art styles, including pieces like this bold and striking wallpaper design by @hippo_screenprinters.

@neo_artists is another group that offers artist led exhibitions and sales, this time based in Bolton. They also offer studio space, providing opportunity for local artists to create their designs and work in a convenient and appropriate space.

Artisanal Products

There are many reasons to use screen printing. You can use studio space or create your own studio, create prints and textiles, and you can make clothing for your own business or as a print on demand service. The unique style of screen printing, and the great looking finished results, mean that the technique is also ideal for use to create your own artisanal textiles and fabrics, and sell these online and in person.

@helenrawlinson creates beautiful items ranging from tote bags to cushion covers, aprons, and more. Helen incorporates screen printed designs into her items and sells on sites like Etsy and Notonthehighstreet.

If you use Screenstretch products and services, whether you use the technique to teach your kids how to craft beautiful home products or to offer screen printing as a service for branding businesses, send us some examples of your work, either on Instagram @screenstretch, or by contacting us directly through our site. We love to see how people use our products, and are looking to highlight some of the best examples.


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